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“All we own is our story”

I use to dream of a world where I had a lot of stuff. I had the belief independence was the ideal, specifically financial and time freedom. After meeting a mentor in 2012, I found my IKIGAI, and the last 2 years of my degree became orientated around starting my own practice developing people. On pace, I launched in 2014, graduation year, and have collaborated with 230+ people 1-on-1, and a few teams.

Attaining a BCOM from the Sauder School of Business taught me core principles of the economy and how organizations thrive. I noticed most corporations seemed to be missing a crucial context: the Natural World. I discovered a trade-off between equality and efficiency in the economy and government.

I believe this ‘trade-off’ mentality is a symptom of a scarcity mindset. I believe there is a world where everybody wins, all 7.8+ billion people, along with the planet. 

We are wasting nearly half our food in North America, yet we have more American’s suffering from poverty than all of the population of Canada…

The old paradigm is not working:

Win – Lose

Lose – Win

If anyone is losing, everyone is losing.

Coercion is not working

What is the new paradigm?

John Rawls created an interesting paradigm shifting thought experiment called the “Veil of Ignorance”.

Simply put, imagine waking up tomorrow not knowing who’s shoes you will be walking in, or whether you’ll have shoes to wear – your skin colour, gender, job title, etc.

This exploration creates a sense of empathy.

What if we did have to walk in another’s shoes 24/7/365…?

True empathy is understanding if we did walk in another person’s shoes, all of their steps, we would be exactly like them, making the same choices they are.

Why am I here?

*To move humanity from coercion to collaboration.

When I was 14 years old, our family stock broker lost his battle to mental health, and I watched my parents lose so much of what they worked hard for – well over $1.7M – or so we thought we had.

Mental health is real – a $51 billion dollar per year industry in Canada.

I am here to turn intention into impact – a mental health advocate who understands if you want to understand why anything happens – follow the money.

The time is now to align our cash flow with our values.

Reach out if this aligns with your ‘reason for being’, or Ikigai, and we can find a way to leave each other better than we found each other.

Brad's Story

Relevant Experiences
  • I. Mentee/Apprenticeship Training
      • Don Panton, a corporate trainer for more than 35 years, guides Brad with The Birkman Method® for larger projects. Don has been an invaluable resource to expanding his vision.
    • Jonathan Michael has poured his 25 years of experience into Brad, being a true catalyst to his success. Recently, they defined their relationship as ‘symbiotic’. Truly a unique relationship in Brad’s life.
  • II. Entrepreneurial Efforts:
      • 5 years of operating a successful independent coaching practice, meaning Brad has only had one source of income, coaching clients since 2014.
      • Responsible for $250,000 of CUTCO knives sold in people’s homes to fund five years of university through referral-based marketing. Brad was referred to ~900 prospect buyers; giving each a 1-hour in-home presentation, resulting in approximately 600 buyers (avg. order about $400, largest sale was $5200)
    • Nearly $60,000 came from running a branch office, where he personally hired and trained 58 representatives on how to sell knives for a summer between 1st and 2nd year of university. 
      • Managed the logistics behind leasing and furnishing 750 sq. ft. office and filled the space, becoming a recruiter, manager, and leader. Every person looking for a job in Kamloops in the summer of 2010 knew Vector Marketing was an option. 
      • To date, Brad stays in touch with some of his team from this life changing experience.
  • III. Bachelor of Commerce, Sauder School of Business, UBC
      • Finance Coop transferring to Marketing
        • (March 16th, 2012, Brad met his coaching mentor )
      • 1st + 2nd year at Grant MacEwan University, Edmonton, AB
      • Led a student development group in last 2 years of degree @ UBC
        • This group was the microcosm of Brad’s development. A safe space to share ideas from the masters. The greatest lesson he gained from this experience is to only teach what has worked for himself.
    • Capstone Sauder Course: COMM 486R – General Management & Leadership
        • Led by Bob Elton. Previously, President & CEO at BC Hydro for over 6 years; now on the board of Ritchie Brothers. What Brad appreciated most about Bob was his depth of understanding economics/finance while focusing largely on the social development of the local and global community. Bob coached young girl’s soccer for about 20 years. Bob is a significant leader and role model in Brad’s life.
        • The 4-month course involved creating recommendations for over 45 Harvard Business Review cases with a self-chosen team. Four of of the cases were to be completed in a 24-hour period, generating a 20 slide deck deliverable.
      • This course required extensive preparation and commitment with a reading list to complete prior to the course starting.

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