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Why is Brad a Prosocial Coach?

Light Bulb Moments: The instantaneous moment a blind spot becomes visible in the eye of the beholder for the first time. Here are a few…

  • When a client declares their prosocial purpose, mission, and vision for the first time
  • Experiential Learning – discovery through action
  • Using language to bring presence to what is/was, and stepping into what will be

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The Tipping Point, Founder

“…Brad brought structure and systems to implement my creative vision and guided me through a time of immense uncertainty and self-doubt with his own experiences, his compassion, and The Birkman Method…”
– Ji Youn Kim

Red Seal Chef, 4th Year Dietetics Student, UBC

“…Over the course of three months, Brad helped me develop my own solutions…along with my Birkman report and the tools he provided me, this personalized approach to coaching enabled me to be the developer of my own strategies. Brad’s charismatic personality and his ability to listen and understand lends itself perfectly to his work, and his devotion to my success was nothing short of empowering. I would not hesitate to recommend Brad to anyone interested in self-development…”
– Ilan Wright

BA Economics & IR
Founder, UBC IONA Journal of Economics

“…The Birkman Method served as an ideal framework for me as 5th year student with eyes set on a strong finish at graduation…Specifically, Brad has helped me live authentically, approaching my needs and the needs of others around me in a way that removes self-doubt, ego, and anxiety…”
– Terralynn Forsyth




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Most people have experienced coaching in some form, but what exactly is ‘coaching’? I gift those interested a Discovery Session of about 90­-minutes, where they learn experientially what coaching is. For now, imagine discovering fully what makes you come alive, and embodying this real felt sense for sustained progression towards a worthy ideal. Blindspots gain light. Choices shift; consequences follow. Trust builds. Happiness ensues.