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Impact of 100+ years on ~7.8 Billion People

Why is Brad a Prosocial Coach?

Raising Awareness: To expand the overall consciousness of humanity, here are a few ways Brad realizes this worthy ideal…

    • Seeking out projects and people aiming to consider the 7.8 billion people before cash flow (read: Sacred Economics)
    • Guiding clients through declaring a prosocial purpose, mission, and vision to act as a compass (IKIGAI) in career and relationships
    • Using language as a tool to explore reality, moving away from coercion towards collaboration in business, health, and education.

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Jazz Airline, Pilot

“…working with Brad has had a tremendous impact on my focus & outlook on life. I now understand my priorities & where to focus my energy. I’ve learned to be curious rather than judgemental, to listen when leading & to integrate my purpose, mission & vision into my daily life to fulfill my reason for being…the “inside-out“ method…”
– Jason Migadel

Entrepreneur / Mother

“…In the months following my second show, I began working with a coach, Brad Gretzinger, who helped me to define my values and purpose. He also introduced me to non-violent communication, which has allowed me to more accurately and warmly express my needs and feelings. In other words, he helped me find language to speak my truth.
– Amy Wood

BA Economics & IR
Founder, UBC IONA Journal of Economics

“…The Birkman Method served as an ideal framework for me as 5th year student with eyes set on a strong finish at graduation…Specifically, Brad has helped me live authentically, approaching my needs and the needs of others around me in a way that removes self-doubt, ego, and anxiety…”
– Terralynn Forsyth




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We all are coaches, only some decide to go professional. What exactly is ‘coaching’? I gift those interested a Discovery Session of about 45­-minutes w. a follow up accountability call, where they learn experientially what coaching is. For now, imagine discovering fully what makes you come alive, and embodying this real felt sense for sustained growth and progression towards a worthy ideal. Blind Spots gain light. Choices shift. Consequences follow. Trust builds. Happiness ensues.