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Why is Brad a Prosocial Coach?

Building Prosocial Leaders:  exploring the question “What is the Self?”, balancing the scientific and spiritual of what is…

    • Guiding individuals and groups through declaring a prosocial purpose, mission, and vision, which acts as a compass to navigate pivotal career + relationship decisions.
    • Collaborating with those who choose to prioritize the planet first, people second, and profit 3rd, which creates the longevity of cash flow; otherwise, we dry up the water, and soil becomes dirt.
    • Utilizing the power of language + memory to clear the past, increasing day to day effectiveness by learning to be present, while maintaining an evolving clear plan for the future.

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Jazz Airline, Pilot

“…working with Brad has had a tremendous impact on my focus & outlook on life. I now understand my priorities & where to focus my energy. I’ve learned to be curious rather than judgemental, to listen when leading & to integrate my purpose, mission & vision into my daily life to fulfill my reason for being…the “inside-out“ method…”
– Jason Migadel

Entrepreneur / Mother

“…In the months following my second show, I began working with a coach, Brad Gretzinger, who helped me to define my values and purpose. He also introduced me to non-violent communication, which has allowed me to more accurately and warmly express my needs and feelings. In other words, he helped me find language to speak my truth.
– Amy Wood

BA Economics & IR
Founder, UBC IONA Journal of Economics

“…The Birkman Method served as an ideal framework for me as 5th year student with eyes set on a strong finish at graduation…Specifically, Brad has helped me live authentically, approaching my needs and the needs of others around me in a way that removes self-doubt, ego, and anxiety…”
– Terralynn Forsyth




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Every human has a coach inside of them, only some decide to professionally developing other’s inner coach. What exactly is ‘coaching’? To find out, schedule a Discovery Session of about 45­-minutes with pre-call homework, and a follow up accountability call – learn experientially what coaching is. For now, imagine loving what you do for work, getting paid what you are worth, and in a way which lifts all of humanity (ie. prosocial). Schedule a FREE session this week to get started.